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Madeline Buxton For the second time in three years, Google is finding itself in the news over an employee-generated spreadsheet. According to The New York Timesa spreadsheet the newspaper obtained shows that male employees at the company receive higher salaries and bonuses than women at nearly every level.

Two years ago, Erica Bakera former Google employee, posted a series of tweets detailing her creation of a transparent, salary-sharing spreadsheet at the company. Baker said this spreadsheet, which showed a gender gap among peer bonuses, was less than welcomed by the higher-ups at the company.

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These figures appear to show women earning less than their male counterparts in five out of six pay levels at the company. Advertisement It's important to note that the spreadsheet only contains information from 1, United States-based Google employees, so it is far from representative of the whole.

We do rigorous compensation analyses and when you compare like-for-like, women are paid At the time, Google told Reuters the requests were "overbroad in scope. In July, a judge ruled Google was not required to hand over the government requested data though they are required to hand over a "limited" data set.

Gender pay gap issues continue to be a problem, especially in Silicon Valley.

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While the Times' report isn't conclusive due to the small size of the data, scrutiny over pay gaps at Google is unlikely to go away anytime soon. The company will have a lot of convincing to do beyond simply saying it's not true. Earlier this year, The LA Times reported that Alphabet Google's parent company shareholders voted against publishing a report on pay transparency.

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