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Dating in la vs dating in nyc

What The Dating Scene In New York Vs. Los Angeles Is Really Like interracial dating in nyc vs la vs the rest of america?

You move there feeling optimistic in a sea of fish, but a few months go by and you start to get sea sick. Elite Daily Just when you think you caught a big fish, his slimy scales slip through your hands and nothing's left but a weird, gooey substance.

And if you catch too many fish, you're considered a smelly fisherman. But it's like, how can we get better at catching fish unless we practice, right? It's pretty easy to tell which one is which. One is too good to be true, and the other will rip your head off.

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They believe nothing can hold them back, including a relationship. And while this makes both cities extremely hard to date in, they both have their own ups and downs. In New York, you may meet a cool-looking hipster who may be in a band or may be homeless.

In LA, life moves as slowly as relationships. You might get a text back next week; you may get one in a couple years.

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I believe it's better to date in NY. You get really cozy and intimate; because the restaurants are so small, you can't move! Elite Daily No matter what side of the pond you're on, don't get discouraged.

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15 Differences Between Dating In L.A. And Dating In New York for the most part) the differences that LA offers compared to New York City. We'll admit this up front: Dating can be difficult in New York. There are some truly terrible people you'll meet when dating in NYC, and don't. When you're young, single, and living in a major city, dating can either be the best thing in the world if you're looking for casual fun with many.