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New york times dating with a disability

Timeline of disability rights in the United States difference is the norm on these dating sites

I had a similar online dating experience, but from the other side, meaning that I dated a woman in a wheelchair, whom I met on Jdate. Your article was very touching and sensitive.

online dating when you have a disability

Allow me to suggest a way to enlarge your audience. We, those of us without disabilities, want to be open minded and see the whole person, the larger many faceted person, and not just one facet.

In any movement to expand the rights of a group, you need to address the fears of those without disabilities. Of course, we want to know how you, a disabled person feels, and a large part of that is that you can also be sensitive to how we feel.

lupita nyong'o apologizes for demonization of disability in 'us' but is that enough?

Once you show that sensitivity, then you are reaching out to us. Until you show that sensitivity, you are just explaining how you feel. Consider the big successes in human rights. Why was Martin Luther King so successful?

He reached out to the white community and let them know that integration would be a good thing, not something that would hurt them, but something that would add to their lives. King showed us that the Black community could be part of us because they embraced both the rights and the responsibilities. The movement for rights of the same sex couples was successful for a similar reason, they wanted both the rights and the responsibilities.

Those who were against same sex marriage feared that this was an attack on the institution of marriage. But the same sex marriage advocates explained that they did not want to attack marriage, quite the contrary, they wanted to join in and support the concept.

They wanted not just the rights of marriage, but also the responsibilities.

Emily, speaking frankly, your article is very sensitive to your point of view, but you show very little sensitivity to the person who does not want to date someone in a wheelchair. You paint him as a close minded person, almost a bigot.


If you showed more sensitivity to their concerns, then they would feel more comfortable. If you want to expand your base, you need to show sensitivity to them.

I can help you, if you want my help. But I am not interested in getting painted by you as a closed minded, and one might naturally fear that getting involved in this at all, will put him at risk for that sort of thing.

So I took the time to reach out. Let me know if you want to talk about this. Yours, [Redacted] This page is designed to provide an accessible image posted on Twitter via Easy Chirp. This page implements the ARIA 1.

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