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Statistics of who thinks grammer is important on online dating

Statistics of who thinks grammar is important on online dating Basketball player quotes

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By Amanda Chatel Oct 20, Of the several friends I have doing the online dating thing, one of their biggest complaints, aside from the on slot of inappropriate messages from men, is the poor grammar in a lot of the profiles. So common in fact that Grammarly and eHarmony teamed up to conduct a study about just how much poor grammar in dating profiles affects chances of love. The study looked into 10, profiles on eHarmonyof both men and women, to see just how all those misspellings are throwing a wrench in your chance to get a date.

The written long-form answers were analyzed for accuracy in not just grammar and spelling, but punctuation, too. What they found was that women make almost twice as many grammatical errors per every words than men do.

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When it comes to online dating, grammar matters. Here are eight reasons why.

You also need to outshine your competition and in the dating world there is a lot of it! Is that you're dog in that photo?

bad grammar can cost you your next date

After Personal Hygiene, Grammar Is What Matters Most According to a study by Match, for their members, 96 percent of women and 91 percent of men regard personal hygiene as the most important quality when it comes to dating. Punctuation Errors Can Cause Scary Misunderstandings When putting together your profile, obviously you want to mention your interests.

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If your interests are cooking, your family, and your dog, then great! Not exactly dating material.

The same goes with overusing lowercase letters where capitals should be. If knot than ignore this and u due you. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

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