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Is austin still dating liz

But, out of all of the couples, romantic and platonic, that arose last season of Big Brother, Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan seemed to have the best chance of making it to the end of the game by each other's side. Now that it's almost a year since they stepped foot inside the Big Brother house, are Austin and Liz still together?

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With his height, profession as a pro wrestler, and black top hat that accentuated his long mane of brown hair, Austin immediately grabbed the attention of houseguests and viewers alike last season. However, it was Liz that everyone should have really been paying attention to from the get-go.

That's because she was one-half of the "Twin Twist," in which she would secretly switch places with her twin sister Julia while in the Big Brother house, unbeknownst to their fellow contestants. The "Twin Twist" made for a strange dynamic between Austin and Liz.

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Even after he found out about it, things were still awkward between them since she strategically led him on to benefit her own game while telling Julia that she wasn't really that into him. Julia also wasn't such a fan of Austin's.

But this weird trio of an alliance kept chugging along, and Liz eventually realized that she did have true feelings for Austin. The fact that he had a girlfriend back home complicated things, but even getting called out by Zingbot couldn't tear these two lovebirds apart. However, it looks like they've since returned them to each other.

austin matelson & liz nolan

Liz announced the couple's split on Twitter in February. But, if you think that Liztin was nothing more than a showmance, think again. Austin and Liz tried to make it work as a real-live couple outside of the Big Brother house. First of all, Austin let Liz cut off his dreadful beard ponytail.

'big brother' couple liz nolan and austin matelson call it quits and split

If that's not love, I don't know what is. Austin even called Liz "my love" in another photo posted on Instagram after BB17 wrapped.

They worked out together. They spent all of the major holidays together.

Liztin (Liz and Austin) official (finally!)

They mastered the art of giving other people couple envy through their photos. They traveled around the country just to be with one another.

Austin also made nice with Julia. Despite their unconventional start, it seemed like Austin and Liz were a lasting relationship in the making. But, it looks like reality had other plans for them.

Here's hoping if there are any showmances this season — and you know there will be — that they find more success than Liztin outside the Big Brother house.

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Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt quickly became an item, and James Huling had love for Meg Maley, although it went largely unrequited. Now that it's almost a year since they stepped foot inside the Big Brother house, are Austin and Liz still together? That's because she was one-half. Season: 17 Status Today: Not together! I'd like to start Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, Big Brother Big Brother Status Check: Which Couples Are Still Together ?.