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Online dating how to respone to lol

It's better than Tinder!

Proofread that text before sending! Bad grammar is a dating deal breaker, most say

Why are you quoting me.

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If a reputable specimen is required, freeze the urine immediately after collection.

Believe me when i tell you this: my neopolitan mastiff and my 2weeks old guinea pig are singlehandedly richer and smarter than you. If you are ready, I can offer you cleaning of my dog's kennel as a job.

The name comes from the Greek word echinos meaning"hedgehog" and pendant meaning "skin". This piece is in incredible condition as it's not dull or attractive, but actually shows all of the tiny reward spines on its exterior and a pleasing soft shiny color, not a poor gray hue that is seen in some sea singer fossils from other localities around the world.

A very interested piece for any fossil collector, or even a mineral collector who appreciates good quality fossils. I've had it for 3 weeks now and wouldn't use another app if you paid me. Exceedingly amazing and the makers of the app respond so quickly if there are any problems!.

Inbox me if you're in Jos. They stick around with you until someone who can spend better arrives then they dump you.

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