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First adult dating experience

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After all, drama drives the media.

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Until recently, I always struggled when I was in a relationship. Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety were overwhelmingly normal, while feeling secure in the relationship was not.


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Your significant other balances you out — and even calls you out. Rather than always agreeing on every aspect of life, your relationship tests and challenges your views. In immature relationships, there is less certainty and less communication about the status of the relationship, therefore less willingness to discuss the future.

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Observing how the other person argues and adjusting your own style is a learning process, but part of a mature relationship. For example, I tend to shut down when I am angry, whereas my boyfriend is more direct.

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Showing your love becomes more important than verbally expressing it. It used to irritate me that I am more vocal about telling my boyfriend I love him. Sometimes love is in the day-to-day actions rather than the literal words, and this is definitely a more mature viewpoint.

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Jealousy is a non-issue because the relationship is founded on trust. In an adult relationship, the male can have female friends and vice versa without the world coming to a screeching halt.

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